Don’t Buy Magna-Tiles Until You Read This!

The Magna-Tiles Translucent Colors 100 Pieces Set Is Not Suitable For Everyone:

You’re probably thinking about buying Magna Tiles for their educational value and all the fun both children and adults can have with them. The price point is justified by the fact that Magna Tiles is a long-term investment. Your child will likely carry them into his/her teens and adulthood and likely never toss them aside.

On top of this, the translucent colors set is beautiful! You can form an attractive geometric shape and leave it to stay by the window, where the sunlight will glisten throughout the object.

But they’re not suitable for everyone!

Let me explain.

Magna Tiles require a little more delicacy and patience than say Lego bricks. The pieces come together through the use of magnets on their edges and can easily fall apart when you form a complex object.

If you’re thinking about buying these for a child who is yet to develop a delicate use of their hands or someone who is somewhat impatient or quick to anger, then Magna Tiles may not be the best option at this time.

Sure, Magna Tiles will help develop manual dexterity in your child, but if you get them before they’re ready, your child might just throw them aside in frustration, perhaps never to try them again, or not for a few good years anyway.

Magna Tiles are frequently used in schools as an excellent way to not just teach maths, but to teach children how to apply their mathematical knowledge to their environment by experimenting with volumes and geometric shapes.

Magna Tiles can teach how to count, add and subtract, and can help your child to understand areas, volumes, and fractions. Outside of maths, they can be used for problem-solving and enhancing creativity.

But remember that in schools Magna Tiles are used by teachers who are skilled in recognizing when a child is ready to use them.

The only reason you might have to purchase the Standard sets is that they’re a little cheaper. But the difference in price is next to nothing when you consider that Magna Tiles are usually a lifetime investment. I have both the standard and translucent sets, and I have to say – the standard set is plain ugly in comparison.

The 32 piece sets are simply not enough. The most common complaint by customers, even with the 100 piece sets is when you really want to get adventurous, you just don’t have enough pieces! And getting 32-piece sets is just not cost-effective. And what of the Deluxe (DX) set?

The Deluxe set includes a wheeled piece that your child can make little Magna Tiles cars with, and an arch and three other special shapes. Here’s an example of a toy car built with this set.


It’s cute. But to be honest the deluxe set only adds a few extra possibilities to Magna Tiles. You can use the Deluxe set as a supplement, but the best first set to go for hands down is the Magna-Tiles Translucent Colors 100 Pieces Set. Not only can you create all sorts of shapes such as the elephant shown below, but the shapes you create and the separate pieces just look plain beautiful!

Due to the good customer reviews, they’re selling extremely fast. Prices are rising as a result and they’ll be sold out before Christmas.

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